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Baptisteries and Baptistry Fixtures

Suburban Church Furniture provides quality fiberglass baptistries for new construction or renovations.  Our standard product line has many styles and sizes of fiberglass baptistries which can be used in just about  any building. Whether you are working on a new construction project or a remodel/retrofit project, Suburban Church Furniture  can help you the right baptistry at a price you can afford. For your information, we have provided photos of a few of the many styles.  Each of the styles come in a variety of sizes. We have all the baptistry fixtures and accessories for complete installation.

 Click below for larger Baptistry Photos and Measurements






  • Many Models Available
  • Worry-Free Fiberglass
  • Fixed and Portable
  • Installation Available
  • Baptistry Heaters
  • Baptistry Accessories

    Baptistry Styles

    We have many Baptistry Models available, one of which will be perfect for you church needs.

    Many of these baptistries allow the minister to remain dry - outside the baptistry- during the baptism. The candidate is baptized from a seated position on a molded platform, making the process easier than with conventional baptistries. Baptistry accessories include acrylic windows, child’s steps, in-tank seats, drip landings, heaters, special coatings for extended finish protection, detachable steps, and other features.

    You may select from many variations with single side or two side steps.  Steps are available from the left or right site of the baptismal. Larger models are available or compact models available to meet your church needs. Some of our most popular styles, with double  entries feature an offset tank to provide more room for the baptism.

    Our model 14 Baptistry will accommodate many wall configurations and angles with steps at 180, 90 or 45 degree angles.

    We have compact and portable baptistries designed for  churches who have very limited space, but want a baptistry. Just large enough for two people, the  they can be installed below the stage and covered with a 4' x 8' platform. With no room for steps, the mini was designed to be used with our removable steps

    For more baptistry information and prices, please call Suburban Church Furniture at 1-800-962-2698.


    Call Suburban Church Furniture for more information and free price estimates 1-800-962-2698

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